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  • The Link Between Obesity and Canine Arthritis

    As dog parents, we want to ensure that our pets feel loved. We often do this by feeding them excess treats, resulting in weight gain, obesity, and canine arthritis. 

  • Understanding The Care Needs of Older Dogs

    Aging is a natural part of life, and at some point, all canines become seniors. The important thing to know is that the care needs of older dogs are significantly different from those of the younger lot. 

  • Top Exercises for Dogs with Hip Dysplasia

    Hip dysplasia is a developmental condition common in young dogs. Dogs under the age of 18 months are most commonly affected by this condition. If your dog has hip dysplasia, then your vet may have told you that your dog’s joints haven’t developed normally.

  • Obese Dogs Are at Higher Risk of These Health Conditions

    Just as in humans, dogs can grow obese and develop severe health conditions as a consequence. Obesity is generally defined as the accumulation of extra body fat and weight. Obesity is visibly noticeable and easy to measure. 

  • Managing Your Dog's Weight Is Crucial

    Obesity is a common concern for both humans and our furry friends. Canine obesity impacts dogs of all ages and types. In fact, with almost 53 percent of all dogs in the US being overweight, obesity is one of the most rapidly growing health issues affecting dogs today
  • Is Your Dog Obese?

    Dog obesity is one of the most common health conditions in dogs in North America. Obesity not only makes your dog lazy and lethargic but also puts them at a higher risk of chronic illnesses and life-threatening diseases.

  • A Guide to Back Leg Weakness in Dogs

    Back leg weakness in dogs occurs when your dog starts having difficulty using its hind legs. This could be in the form of the inability to support themselves on their back legs or feeling wobbly while trying to walk.

  • Why Should You Give Your Dog Supplements?

    When it comes to yourself or your family, an integral part of balanced health are the daily vitamins taken either as supplements or found in the food you eat. For your furry, four-legged friend, it should be no different. 

  • Warding Off Joint Problems In Your Dog

    Dogs are known to experience joint pain (e.g., arthritis) as they age. Think of all the strain and possible injury that has occurred on joints through the years. In some cases, it's a wonder they still work at all

  • 5 Biggest Tips On Massaging Your Dog’s Hips

    If you massage your dogs’ hips, what benefits might it provide? Think about this on a personal level. If you are sore and your muscles are aching, what might you request of your significant other?
  • These Ingredients Are Beneficial For Your Dog's Health

    Dietary supplements have become increasingly popular in recent times and have become a daily routine for approximately 33% of dogs in America today! The supplements can be provided for numerous things including coat care,

  • Recommended Lifestyle Changes For Dogs With Arthritis

    If one or more joints in your dog’s body are being affected by a chronic degenerative disease known as canine osteoarthritis, some changes may be needed. Dogs suffering from arthritis tend to be stiff and appear to be in pain.