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5 Biggest Tips On Massaging Your Dog’s Hips

If you massage your dogs’ hips, what benefits might it provide? Think about this on a personal level. If you are sore and your muscles are aching, what might you request of your significant other? Answer: A massage. So, if your dog has mobility issues – or if you just want to treat them to something nice – a massage should not be out of the question. In fact, you can actually pay a professional to give your dog a massage. Numerous pet owners are going online as well, and making use of "how to" videos for giving their dogs massages.

Why Give a Massage?

Particularly in certain breeds, and frequently in older dogs, common conditions include arthritis and hip dysplasia. Granted, these conditions cannot be cured by a massage. However, for temporary relief of joint and hip pain, muscles can be loosened up through a massage, thereby allowing better range of motion in your dog’s joints. Other benefits of massage:

  • Increase blood supply to an area (to injured tissues, this increases oxygenation and helps remove toxins).
  • Support injured tissue that may be spasming (in the hip area, ligaments, muscles, etc.).
  • Decrease your dog’s pain by helping to relax muscles.

Is a Hip Massage Difficult?

In most cases, dogs are used to being touched and petted in the area around their hips. Therefore, it should not be a difficult endeavor, attempting a massage in that area. When dogs are touched in certain spots which they consider invasive, they may protest in a number of ways. Thankfully, this is not considered one of those spots. In fact, a massage would probably be very appreciated by your canine companion.

Keep in mind that if your dog has an injury or a medical condition, such that a lot of pain is being experienced in your dog’s hips, they may be more sensitive and protective of that area. The whole point of the massage is to make your dog feel better, not cause more discomfort. The last thing you want is a negative reaction to mar the experience forever.

Basic Method of Hip Massage

  1. Have your dog lie on a flat surface on its side, with the sore hip facing up.
  2. To relax your dog, stroke their body with your hand or a massage brush.
  3. Start moving your hand in a circular motion over that area. Note any reactions to pain and feel for tense areas.
  4. While continuing circular motions, start placing slight pressure with your fingertips over your dog’s hips. Gently increase the pressure but ease off if increased pressure causes pain or if your dog seems overly sensitive.
  5. If possible, have your dog flip over and repeat the massage on the other side. It's okay that the other side isn't experiencing pain. It will still enjoy the massage benefits. Many times, overcompensation leads to "good" limbs becoming sore as a response to pain in another area.

In Addition to Massage, Consider Supplements for Your Dog’s Joints

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