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Exercises And Activities That Will Strengthen Your Dog’s Legs

What does a strong dog look like? Do they have huge, bulging thigh muscles? Six pack abs? Not likely. But it is extremely important that your dog’s legs are as strong as possible. After all, they use their legs for practically everything:

  • To walk
  • To run
  • To climb stairs
  • To jump
  • And even when they go outside and "do their business"

When you encourage participation in activities to strengthen your dog’s legs, they are less likely to suffer an injury involving their leg muscles. However, to help maintain strong legs and healthy muscles, the strength of your dog’s core is important, too. Here, we will not only look at activities to strengthen your dog's legs, but also begin strengthening their core.

Why Is Your Dog’s Core Strength Important?

 With the proper level of core strength, your dog can benefit in the following ways:

  • Improve posture, coordination, and performance
  • Enhance flexibility
  • Lower back stabilization (thereby allowing the lower back, hips, and pelvis to work more smoothly together)
  • Maintain balance
  • Offer the entire body more support by offering support to the back muscles
  • Possibly decrease injuries associated with soft tissue, osteoarthritis, etc.

Making Your Dog Stronger

No special equipment is needed for the following exercises, which will help improve your dog's core:

  • When walking your dog, choose uneven surfaces or build your pooch an obstacle course.
  • Walk backwards.
  • Walk both downhill and uphill.
  • For 10 seconds or longer, have your dog hold one position.
  • Practice leg lifts and have them hold for as much as 10 seconds (if possible).
  • Attract your dog's attention from side to side, up and down, etc.
  • Have your dog sit, then stand, then sit, then stand, etc.
  • Crawling.
  • Swimming.
  • Rollover.
  • Spins… and more.

Could Your Dog's Core Use Some Strengthening?

The following could point to the fact that your dog is experiencing a weaker core that needs to be strengthened:

  • They have difficulty holding a stand and stay position or sitting and staying.
  • They may have a hard time transitioning from position to position, such as standing to sitting and vice versa.
  • You notice a significant sway in the movement of their back end.
  • Their balance may be poor. To check the balance of your dog, lift one of their legs so that they are standing on three legs and see if they are able to balance well.
  • A dippy top line/poor posture.

What Else Can You Do to Strengthen Your Dog's Legs?

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