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Recommended Lifestyle Changes For Dogs With Arthritis

If one or more joints in your dog’s body are being affected by a chronic degenerative disease known as canine osteoarthritis, some changes may be needed. Dogs suffering from arthritis tend to be stiff and appear to be in pain. Their overall quality of life usually suffers due to the mobility issues that occur as a result of arthritis. Lifestyle changes for dogs with arthritis can help both the owner and pet manage these problems.

Is There a Cure?

Though there are various ways to treat arthritis, an actual cure does not currently exist. Treatments include supplements, medications, massage, exercise, and more. A dog's quality of life can be greatly influenced by these types of treatments.

To your dog’s surroundings and daily life, simple changes can go a long way to making them more comfortable.

Weight Management

When it comes to managing arthritis in dogs, some of the most important factors are weight management and weight loss. Just as with humans, excess weight puts more strain on bones, muscles, and joints. Shedding excess weight can help lessen your dog’s pain.

To make the changes needed, discuss a proper diet plan with your vet as well as how much exercise your dog can tolerate (and which exercises are best).

Stay Active

As suggested, exercise is important, even for dogs with arthritis. Some exercises will be better tolerated than others. Swimming is a fantastic way for arthritic dogs to exercise because it puts far less strain on their joints, muscles and bones.

Start with short walks if your vet says it's okay. Eventually, you may be able to increase the duration of these walks. And if your furry friend faces trouble with the walks you’re attempting, you may need to cut back a little.

It's All About the Bed

If your dog's bed is lumpy, flat, hard, etc., they may have trouble getting comfortable. This can result in soreness and joint pain. On the market today, you can find some truly remarkable orthopedic dog beds available online.

Yes, these beds are going to cost more than a simple dog bed from Walmart. It's true. But isn't your precious pup worth it?

If your dog is suffering from arthritis, an elevated bed is not the best choice. Additionally, a heated bed could help with joint pain during the colder months. Heat offers great comfort for these sore joints.

Make sure your dog can stretch out, and that the bed is large enough for them to fit into. Approximately 4 inches of orthopedic foam will offer a lot of comfort for your dog.

Cover Your Floors

For better walkability, consider covering slippery floors. Yoga mats, foam mats, rubber runners, bathmats, and more can help make slick floors like marble, laminate, or hardwood more manageable for your dog.

Ramps and More

There are ramps available online and at pet stores to help your dog easily access the front stoop and back porch. They can even help with getting up and down the bed or couch, and more.

One of the biggest and best life changes you can make to assist dogs suffering from arthritis is to include the right supplements and natural ingredients in their diet. So where can you find these supplements?

Could Your Dog Use Some Help Warding off Arthritis Symptoms?

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