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These Ingredients Are Beneficial For Your Dog's Health

Dietary supplements have become increasingly popular in recent times and have become a daily routine for approximately 33% of dogs in America today! The supplements can be provided for numerous things including coat care, better digestion, heart health, joint stiffness/arthritis, and more. Many veterinarians and dog owners utilize such supplements for their dogs and steadfastly believe in them. 

Just the high-quality and reputable ingredients found in dog supplements supports their use and offers encouragement. Of course, you can't put your dog on a regiment of every supplement known to mankind – or dog kind. Depending on your dog's age and any afflictions they may already have (or be prone to), you can make educated decisions as to which supplements your dog should take.

To help you in your pursuit, here are some supplements and what they're used for.


It's not all that surprising that one of the more popular supplements for dogs is probiotics, given their similar effects on humans. Probiotics aid with intestinal health and digestion and they appear naturally in the body in the form of live bacteria and yeast. They’re commonly used to treat digestive problems like diarrhea. Powders, chews, capsules, some yogurts, and a number of dog formulations are methods through which probiotics can be administered to your pup.


Antioxidant supplements are being given to dogs as they are believed to help counteract cognitive dysfunction, memory loss, and other effects of aging. They are also used to reduce inflammation and treat heart disease. The body is protected from free radicals by vitamins E and C, which are antioxidants. Another natural antioxidant for dogs is coenzyme Q-10, which is a common supplement for dogs. It helps fight free radicals and convert food into energy.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is the second most popular dietary supplement for dogs. Omega-3 fatty acids are contained in supplemental fish oil, which are thought to improve coat quality for dogs. You may also help alleviate skin allergies and add shine to your dog’s coat. Many pet owners also use fish oil to reduce inflammation in their pet.


Glucosamine is another popular dog supplement. Found naturally around joints, it is an amino sugar that helps to build cartilage. Glucosamine can be made in the laboratory but it is also taken from the shells of shellfish. As a treatment for arthritis, many owners and veterinarians believe in this supplement. In fact, after 70 days of taking a glucosamine supplement, mobility was increased and pain was reduced – according to a 2007 study (The Veterinary Journal).

A Supplement With All The Right Ingredients For Joints Health

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