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Warding Off Joint Problems In Your Dog

Dogs are known to experience joint pain (e.g., arthritis) as they age. Think of all the strain and possible injury that has occurred on joints through the years. In some cases, it's a wonder they still work at all!

Your once playful pal may be reluctant to move if the pain is a result of degrading cartilage – possibly from a prior injury or strain. Big dogs, in particular, are more prone to the development of arthritis because of extra joint stress from the heavier weight  – although the risk is there for all dogs.

You may not even know your dog is having any joint problems until they reach a certain age. But it's never too early to prevent these issues using supplements and other preventative maintenance methods.

Joint disease cannot be reversed but worse problems can be prevented, and the progression of the disease can be slowed down. To keep your dog’s joints healthy, we're going to offer a handful of tips below.

Feed Your Dog With The Appropriate Dog Food

There are more dog food brands on the market than one can even count. But not all of them are healthy and nutritious.

It can be painful for an overweight dog to exercise because excessive strain is being applied on the joints. It can become too heavy for the growing joints if dogs grow too fast and put on too much weight. By adding joint supporting supplements to your dog’s diet and choosing the correct diet, the progression of arthritis can be slowed, and you may be able to prevent joint problems in your furry friend.

Promptly Treat Any Injuries

Going to the vet is seldom easy on your bank account. But it is a necessary step to take when your pets are sick or injured. This is particularly true if your dog has been physically injured through trauma or suffer a simple strain. For them to properly heal, surgical repair or other special treatment and therapies may be needed.

Environmental Accommodations Can Be Made

When your dog jumps on the bed or couch and then off again, it is possible for them to get injured. Try to make it easier for your dog to access various areas without the risk of sustaining an injury. Ramps are a great way to accomplish this. Make sure the ramp is not slippery but has the necessary traction.

Joint Injury Should Be Prevented

If a dog’s joint is injured early in life, it is more likely that arthritis will develop during the later years. This can even be so when the dog is injured as a puppy. Running too hard, jumping too high, and just over-exercising in general can cause the joints and bones of a puppy to become injured. Always supervise their exercise and play routines especially when your dog is young.

A Supplements To Help Ward Off Joint Problems in Your Dog

To help your dog enjoy a pain-free life for as long as possible, we highly recommend our Premium Hip and Joint Care Formula brought to you by Barx Nutrition. Our product is manufactured at a GMP certified, FDA-approved facility within the United States to ensure the quality and safety of every bottle. If you have any questions about our product, please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.