5 Ways to Keep Your Dog's Joints in Good Condition

5 Ways To Keep Your Dog's Joints in Good Condition

As dogs age, the chance of arthritis and other joint problems developing increase. German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Dachshunds, and Old English Sheep Dogs are several dog breeds known to develop joint-related issues. Joint pain may be caused by overstraining, wear and tear, or injuries that occurred early in life. So, how can dog owners keep their pets’ joints in good condition?

Introduce Glucosamine to Your Dog’s Diet

Glucosamine and chondroitin are two compounds that are beneficial for dogs’ joints and managing canine arthritis. The combination of glucose and glutamine in glucosamine helps create molecules that form the joint cartilages. In addition, these elements help reduce stiffness and inflammation. Chondroitin, on the other hand, helps keep dogs’ joints cushioned and decrease the rate of deterioration. In addition to cooking your dog(s) a delicious bone broth, consider adding supplements to their diet. For example, Barx Nutrition's Premium Hip and Joint Care is a supplement that features an all-natural blend. Compounds like glucosamine support healthy joint structure.

Create a Comfortable Home Environment

Just like humans, certain activities become increasingly difficult for dogs when they reach a certain age. Noticed that your beloved canine is struggling in daily pursuits? It may be a good time to modify your home environment and make it comfortable for your pet dog. For example, pet owners can place steps next to their dogs’ beds, laying traction strips and rugs, or upgrade their dogs’ bedding with a softer option. Memory foam dog beds are a worthy investment as they are durable and easy on joints.

Keep Your Dog Active

Joint problems like arthritis can develop into a vicious cycle. This progressive disease causes dogs to stop exercising and playing due to pain. As a result, these dogs gain weight and put increased stress on the joints. Canines, however, need to stay active so that physical activities help pump natural lubrication into their joints. Start with gentle exercises to keep your dog’s joints healthy and limber. If you have a chonky dog that likes to take naps, consider using a heated bed as joints typically stiffen after a snooze. Remember to gently massage your dog to get it limber before a walk.

Promptly Treat Your Dog's Injuries

Veterinarians advise pet owners to treat any suspected injury without delay, especially for older dogs. Prompt action is necessary to prevent joint problems from worsening. Dogs that fell from heights, for example, may need forced rest or even surgery to make a full recovery.

Give a Dog Massage

Dog parents are recommended to familiarize themselves with the concept of dog massage. In addition to spending extra intimate time with your dog, massage helps provide relief, increase blood circulation, improve joint flexibility, and enhance the pet's overall wellbeing. At the end of the day, touch and affection are important intimate interactions when it comes to caring for senior dogs. It is normal for pets to develop new irritabilities, experience behavioral changes, or lose the ability to enjoy the activities they once loved as pups.

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