Dogs are prone to many of the same issues as us humans. One being arthritis which affects millions of our furry family members every year. Our mission is to provide the best all-natural option for your dog's joint pain. By maintaining healthy joints, your dog can enjoy an active life right by your side.

Barx Values 

  • Customer Centric- As a brand, we value our customers very much. We strive to meet every need of our customers and promise to treat you with respect. 
  • Value: Our products contain premium ingredients without a premium price tag. As a company, we wanted our products to be affordable for any dog owner. Our free-shipping policy helps keep the price for our products even more affordable. 
  • Integrity- We only offer products deemed safe for your beloved dogs and will never take shortcuts that may harm them. We respect your privacy and will protect your information with the highest security standards. Trust is not easily earned, but we will work hard to earn yours. 
  • Excellence- We promise to provide you with the best service and will always work to improve our products to suit your dogs needs. We promise to treat you with compassion and offer professional customer service.