Is Your Dog In Pain?

Many dogs experience joint pain but it’s not always obvious enough for pet parents to notice. For this reason it’s important to understand and recognize common signs dogs show when in pain. Find out the common signs below:

  • Aggression: Pay attention if your usually docile dog is behaving aggressively. An abrupt change in behavior may indicate that he/she is in distress.
  • Difficulty in Moving: Injuries or joint and hip pain are contributing factors that may cause problems when your dog attempts to walk, run, or jump.
  • Excessive grooming: If your dog is constantly licking a particular area of its body, this could be a sign of pain, either external or internal.
  • Increased vocalization: A dog in pain may resort to growling, whining, or making other noises at a higher frequency or intensity to let you know that they are in pain. Pay attention and examine your dog for any injuries.
  • Shaking: If your dog is shaking more than usual, it may be an indicator of an internal condition that is causing discomfort.
  • Reluctance to Touch: An injured dog may refuse the belly rubs and cuddles that it usually enjoys. Keep an eye out if your touchy-feely pooch avoids the usual pets and scratches they love.

Avoid Administering Pain Medications Right Away

It is important that dog owners consult with their veterinarian regarding the correct steps to take. A proper diagnosis will be needed to locate the source of pain in your dog, e.g., in the joints, hips, etc. After diagnosing the problem, you and your veterinarian can work out a treatment plan that best meets the needs of your dog. If your veterinarian prescribes pain medications, you should follow their instructions and keep an eye out for potential side effects. Some dogs may vomit, experience diarrhea, lose their appetite, or develop scabs on their skin. If you spot any negative reactions, you should stop medicating immediately and call your veterinarian at once. 

How to Provide Pain Relief for Dogs

In some cases, vets recommend the use of medications such as NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories). While these medications are effective and offer predictable results, long-term use may lead to serious issues like dose-independent toxicity, kidney complications, and digestive tract problems. So, what other options can you consider? 

A safe and effective alternative to medications is Barx Nutrition's all-natural premium hip and joint care supplements for dogs. Dog owners can enjoy peace of mind knowing that our product is manufactured in a FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility. Thanks to ingredients like Organic Turmeric and Methylsulfonymethane (MSM), our product is formulated to help alleviate painful arthritis symptoms, combat stiffness, and support your dog's hip and joints. What's more, your dog's health can improve without experiencing undesirable side effects.