Did you know that dogs, like their human counterparts, may develop hip dysplasia and other joint problems? The hip consists of a ball and a socket; the ball rotates within the socket for ease of movement, allowing the dogs to pivot, sit, jump, and run. Now imagine somehow the cartilage around the ball-socket-joint degenerates, causing your dog to assume a state of immobility. Every simple movement that causes motion around the joint hurts, and your dog becomes aggressive and lethargic at the thought of having to perform the most undemanding of activities. If you’re looking for a solution to such a problem in Kentucky, you’ve come to the right place.

All-Natural Dog Hip and Joint Care Supplements in Kentucky

Barx Nutrition’s supplements include several natural ingredients such as TendoGuard™ Collagen Blend that reduces generic pain by 84.1% and increases flexibility by 45.5%; Organic Turmeric that acts as a potent anti-inflammatory antioxidant; and Green-Lipped Mussel that maintains both structure and function of the bone. The blend of ingredients creates a product that is natural to its core, causing no harms or side-effects to your dog’s anatomy.

Why Choose Barx Nutrition's Premium Hip and Joint Care Products for Dogs in Kentucky?

Barx Nutrition's supplements are available in the flavor of Natural Chicken. The smell of the supplements appeals to the dog's senses, making it a whole lot easy for you to get your dog to consume them as a part of their meal. 85% of the dogs presented with the supplements finished them without showing any signs of rejection. However, if you face difficulty making your dog ingest the supplements, mix them with peanut butter, pill pockets, or spray cheese. Consumers enjoy free shipping within 3-4 business days.

If you have any questions about buying Barx Nutrition's dog hip and joint care products in Kentucky, feel free to contact us today.