Our Premium Hip & Joint Care’s Benefits

Our Premium Hip & Joint Care tablets for dogs are specially formulated to alleviate canine arthritis and joint pain. Our dog supplement combines all-natural ingredients that offer a wide range of benefits for your furry family member. Whether you have a senior dog who suffers from arthritis or one that has problems with their joints, your dog can benefit from taking our chewable, chicken-flavored hip & joint care. 

Our tablets are formulated with an all-natural blend of 8 powerful ingredients shown to be effective in offering relief without the undesirable side effects that often come with NSAIDs. This makes it a safe and effective alternative to medications, allowing your dog to live a healthy and active life by your side.

Reduces Inflammation

Dogs who suffer from arthritis or other joint diseases often experience inflammatory symptoms that can include swelling, redness, and stiffness. Some ingredients in our all-natural blend – turmeric, chondroitin, and MSM – work to ease the inflammation around your dog’s joints and relieve pain.

Lubricates Joints and Promotes Healthy Tissue

Although glucosamine is found naturally in every dog’s body, production slows down with age. A great way you can ensure your dog is getting sufficient glucosamine is through supplements. As a major glycosaminoglycan, glucosamine is essential for your dog’s joint health as it plays a big part in lubricating joints and overall joint health. Glucosamine intake can be further boosted by feeding your dog a rich diet that comprises of chicken feet and other bones with attached cartilage.

Improves Mobility

It’s hard to watch your dog struggle to partake in the activities they used to enjoy. From daily walks to performing tricks, they may not find joy in play anymore. However, our product works to promote joint health and ease unwanted symptoms experienced by your dog. The best part is that it does not come with any unwanted side effects! This means that your dog could go back to living an active lifestyle!

Helps in Fighting Arthritis

Dogs are active by nature and enjoy physical activity. However, once arthritis sets in being active becomes painful which can affect their mood and overall well-being. Turmeric, found in our product, can help to reduce arthritis symptoms such as stiffness and weakness allowing for a better quality of life.

Supports Good Heart Health

Dogs who suffer from congestive heart failure will benefit from the intake of curcumin, which helps to decrease blood clots. Acting like an anticoagulant medication, it comes with the additional benefit of lowering your dog’s LDL cholesterol without unwanted side effects. 

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